Precious gems are rare. So is it also rare to find a family that has offered continuous service in the gem and jewelry industry for over 132 years.  Building on his family legacy, has catered to local, national and international clientele since opening his San Francisco salon in 1978.

Our reputation for exceptional gems, design and service transcends time and borders and has led to many delightful long-term relationships.

One of our favorite memories is of an elderly lady from New York who came into the store looking for a gem quality cabochon blue sapphire ring to match a pendant she owned.  She explained that her family was originally from Russia and her father had purchased an exquisite multi-sapphire cabochon and diamond necklace from Amir’s great grandfather for her mother. The necklace served her family well after they fled to Europe during the Russian revolution. After emigrating to New York, her mother sold the necklace, gem by gem, to support the family until they could establish themselves. One of the remaining gems was turned into a pendant for her daughter. Amir was delighted to be able to offer her a perfectly matched gem. Now, the sapphire in the daughter’s pendant is complemented by an exquisite cabochon ring.